Things Have Gone Really Well Here

My new boss is a bit strange and he tries to make you think that he is some sort of bad guy. He seems to have made his money from betting sites that are based in Belize or some place like that. He talks a lot about that place and big game fishing. To put it bluntly I am a flunky, although I am quite well paid and I have a degree in Computer Science. He is interested in that, I am supposed to be doing some stuff on that front. It is a bit strange to talk about the things that I have really done. We have gone on three fishing trips in the four weeks since he hired me. Apparently someone told him that I knew how to catch striped bass and he is looking for a big one. The biggest stripers live in the ocean, but they spawn in rivers. My dad used to try to catch them in the Roanoke River, mostly around Roanoke Rapids. That is not a great place since the water is shallow and really rough.

At any rate he seems to think that this meant that I could catch them anywhere, particularly in this river in Massachusetts. I was not even sure of the name of the place. At any rate I talked to my Dad and he hooked me up with some local guys he sort of knew from the internet. They gave me a clue as to what I should do and we caught five fish. There were two babies, although most fishermen in a river would be impressed by fish this size. The other three were roughly 20 to 25 pounds. That is a lot when you want to cook filets, but a striper can grow four times that big and do regularly.